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Feeder 5.0
Feeder Model Feed 4.0
Feeder 5.0
Best Concepts Feeder 5.0 is a state of the art servo driven machine which is designed to accept a roll of continuous pre-perforaded packaged adhesive bandages ..
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Adhesive Bandage
Adhesive bandage machine Model STRIP 5.5 and servo driven model STRIP 5.5/S is a rotary continuous motion machine...
Perforator Model PERF25
Perforator Model PERF25 is designed to continuously perforate plastic and non-woven materials. Up to six of these reliable machines can be operated with one person Very easily.
About Perforator Model PERF25
Dressing machine Model FOLD4 is designed to produce four folded dressing material such as non-woven
About Adhesive dresing machine Model


Best Concepts LLC is a Custom Design / Fabrication Equipment Manufacturing Company specializing in high speed converting and packaging machinery for the Medical and Surgical Device Industry, offering over 25 years of industrial engineering expertise.

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High Speed Heat/cold Seal Dressing Machine Model: Heat Seal 600
Best Concepts High Speed Dressing Machine is a versatile, servo-driven machine designed for the manufacturing and packaging of a variety of dressing products such as adhesive bandages, hydrocolloid patches, and other similar products.
Heat Seal 600

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We will gladly consult with you and exchange ideas to identify your specific manufacturing needs and assist you to visualize and recognize every step involved in your project. Providing the best and most cost-effective solution as per our specialty, we invent, design, develop and construct your unique manufacturing system.

Best Concepts, Machine manufacturing company specializing in design and fabrication of high speed converting and packaging equipment in the medical and surgical industry. Automation systems/ product handling/ custom designed machinery in Houston, Texas.

Results: drastically increased production rate, low cost operating, maintenance & accelerated return on investment (ROI). When you need to add additional equipment or replace an aging system we can assist you, from minor upgrades, to restoring and re-manufacturing existing equipment, to installing complete turnkey systems.

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